Short Courses

These courses are not credit bearing

DAF offers short courses  for those who are interested in gaining practical skills in the field of fashion but are unable to commit to a full time course.

We have an exciting new short course – Fashion Design.


Children’s wear:  Explore children’s wear design and production from industry experts and start your own home-based business!

This Short Course explores the principles and practice of Design and Production of Fashion Items in knit and jersey fabrics for children. The course is themed around Design, Pattern Drafting, Sample Construction and Design Presentation methods. The themes are introduced in weekly sessions that are both theory and practice based.

The content of the sessions and exercises will be mastered in the creation of unique creations by each student. A strong focus will be placed on industry based best practice. Candidates will create basic garments of their own design.

Patternmaking & Garment Construction:   This course will provide you with a foundation for understanding the principles of patternmaking and garment construction. The patternmaking process will be explained from basic blocks to the creation of your own unique patterns. In the garment construction class, practical exercises will demonstrate the translation of patterns into garments including samples of various construction details and you will be able to create a basic garment of your own design.

Short Courses

Patternmaking & Garment Construction (PART2):  This course will add to the foundation laid down in patternmaking and garment construction 1, fleshing out your basic knowledge while bringing in your input into the design, patterning and construction process.  Participants will then undergo the exciting process of cutting and sewing up their personal design.  If you want to sew garments up for yourself or a client with ease, this is the course for you!

Short Courses

Fashion Styling:  This course combines the theory of fashion styling with practical, real life exercises that will give you the confidence to pursue styling as a career option, freelance undertaking or extension of your fashion design studies.  We explore the various areas where styling is used in in the fashion industry.  If you want a strong foundation for becoming a stylist or to explore and develop your eye as a designer…this is the course for you!

Short Courses