Short Courses

These courses are not credit bearing

fashion short course

DAF offers short courses  for those who are interested in gaining practical skills in the field of fashion but are unable to commit to a full time course.

Fashion Design:  The Fashion Design course will provide a basic overview of fashion illustration and design from the beginning of the design process, conceptualisation to effective visual communication of your designs. The course will begin with concept generation, made visual in an inspiring visual diary and progress into the demonstration of sketching techniques and the development of a fashion figure that captures your unique signature. Students will mix tints and shades of colour, use tone to create 3- dimensionality in drawing; create effective compositions and learn about the associated meanings of each colour.

At the end of the course students will learn and demonstrate an understanding of the principals and elements of design in relation to fashion design, drawing/illustration and effective layout

Menswear Short Course: This immersive short course will focus on soft tailoring for menswear. We will enable you to create a pattern block archive, through pattern drafting, transforming flat pattern blocks and creating 3D garments during construction.

By the end of the course you will have gained a thorough understanding of men’s body measurements, pattern balancing (both flat pattern and in garment form) and the ability to identify all elements (pieces & panels) needed for a complete garment.

This course will provide you with skills and knowledge in understanding the construction of men’s garments.

Patternmaking & Garment Construction:   This course will provide you with a foundation for understanding the principles of patternmaking and garment construction. The patternmaking process will be explained from basic blocks to the creation of your own unique patterns. In the garment construction class, practical exercises will demonstrate the translation of patterns into garments including samples of various construction details and you will be able to create a basic garment of your own design.

Fashion Styling:  This course combines the theory of fashion styling with practical, real life exercises that will give you the confidence to pursue styling as a career option, freelance undertaking or extension of your fashion design studies.  We explore the various areas where styling is used in in the fashion industry.  If you want a strong foundation for becoming a stylist or to explore and develop your eye as a designer…this is the course for you!

Fashion CAD:  This introductory short course will enable the learner to use Photoshop and Illustrator and create: Technical Drawings, Mood boards, Editing Photographs. Learners are guided through tutorials in order for them to be able to render technical drawings with fabrics, mood boards and backgrounds for storyboards; and also creating graphics for prints. The course will cover a basic introduction to Illustrator including anchor points, creating outlines, curves and shapes and how to create different stitches, frills, patterns and textures. Photoshop will also be introduced and the editing of images using cloning, colour changes etc. will be covered.

Fashion Blogging : Have you ever wanted to know how to start a fashion blog? With this fun and practical short course you will gain insight and learn how to present yourself to an audience; engaging with your followers. You will also learn what it takes to make an Influencer and how to utilise different social media platforms. Each student will start an account at the first lesson and use knowledge from each lesson to build and make the best of their own social media profile. This course is full of socialising and one on one feedback.

Short Courses