Reggi Griessel | Past Student Profile

Reggi began studying fashion design at DAF in 2004.  After matriculating at an all boys school, he joined DAF where he would go on to complete his 3 year diploma in fashion design.

Reggi Griessel

Nothing comes more natural to him than that of “cool”.  Reggi has an incredible knack to know what is hot in the world.  He doesn’t try, its just is a part of who he is and what he loves.  It’s a part of his lifestyle.  Its this part of Reg and his work ethic that has helped him succeed in the tough world of fashion retail.


DAF Blog: Who is your current employer and what is your title?

Reggi: I’m a buyer at Markham.


DAF Blog: What does being  a buyer entail?  What are your responsibilities and day to day tasks?

Reggi: We use our knowledge of fashion trends and understanding of the customer coupled with our own sense of style to deliver hot and on trend clothing to the customers.  A buyer needs to be extremely versatile and resourceful. Comprehensive product knowledge is a must. When u combine that with raw creativity, sharp negotiating ability, sheer ambition, business savvy & commercial intellect you have a winning formula!


DAF Blog: How did studying at DAF help/prepare you to getting where you are today?

Reggi: DAF was a great college to explore my creativity, challenge myself and learn new skills. I gained a good education and I hoped that it would open doors for me in the future. It has!


DAF Blog: What did you enjoy most about studying at DAF?

Reggi: I loved the fashion shows! Designing the garments, styling the models it was all fun. Seeing ideas come together is a good feeling!


Keep in touch, more past student profiles to come!

Reggi Griessel | Past Student Profile