Talk about Branding : Tahier of Radar

Tahier Variawa, Design Director at Radar gave our 2nd and 3rd years students a talk about branding on Tuesday 19th April. This is particularly important to the 3rd years as they embark on their ranges and learn how to communicate their beliefs through their 3rd year collections and in essence their brand.  All of this reinforces the idea of storytelling, being authentic through your brand.  Tahier underlined this concept by explaining how the customer buys into the story behind the brand rather than just the logo / the look.

Design Academy of Fashion

He introduced the students to important concepts like; empathy through design, exploring the world around you, creating a relationship that your customer can relate to, being consistent and adding value.

In essence the talk was inspirational, thought provoking and spot on.

design academy of fashion

Tahiers talk ended with 7 guides to consider when developing your brand. This incredible insight and knowledge that he has shared with our students has provided the students with practical ways of unpacking and understanding how to communicate their brand ideas. This will help them to build on their brand and brand beliefs by telling their own authentic stories as young designers entering the industry.

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Talk about Branding : Tahier of Radar